Brian Lee takes pride and great value out of what clients says after every project.
It inspires and builds passion that is put into every build.

Balwyn Victoria

Judy & Garry - Testimonial

Brian Lee built our dream home in Balwyn a few years ago and we are still as happy today as we were when we first moved in.

Any ideas that we came up with were carefully considered and Brian would explain in layman’s terms, how they would or would not be beneficial and include his ideas. This was very important to us as we had a budget to work within.

Brian kept us informed every step of the way and during the building construction, all aspects received his careful attention to detail and finish. Our internal doors ordered had not been correctly manufactured to the Architect’s specification, which could have delayed the project considerably.

Brian had replacement doors built promptly, so this manufacturing problem ultimately did not delay our build.

We always found Brian to be professional, well organised and always responsive to any queries we may have had along the way. The tradesmen on site were thoughtful and careful, they tidied up each day, rubbish was removed regularly and neighbours even remarked on the tidiness of the site and the consideration shown by the workmen.

Our home was completed on time and within budget and we were so happy with the end result. We felt that Brian took as much pride in the finish of our home as he would have in his own.

We would have no hesitation recommending Brian and his team on any project and if we were to build again we would certainly engage Brian Lee Master Builder.

Judy and Garry

Peverill Home

Don Brumley

It is a pleasure to provide a Testimonial for Brian Lee Master Builder.

We first became aware of Brian’s work having inspected two properties for sale and were favourably surprised by the quality of the workmanship. The respective selling agents advised us of the builder’s name and from there we sort an introduction.

We met Brian on several occasions and “brainstormed” thoughts of what a great home for us would entail.  This included location, land dynamics, size, style, features and how it could come to life. Following land purchase, we then co-designed the home. Brian clearly led the discussions. He was responsive, creative, practical and a clear communicator.  His experience shone through. He understood our concepts and key thoughts, read our personalities and style. We were looking for a very high-quality build with a number of personal special features.

From the time the build commenced, Brian was on site more often than not.  His project management skills are highly developed as is his eye to detail.  His supporting trades people are well known to him, respect him highly and clearly enjoy working in an organised environment where quality and people are respected.  

Our home was completed in December 2017. It delivered all that we had hoped for. We love the design in and out, the openness, the style features, the materials, the build and the finish.  Three and a half years have now passed, and our home still delivers the excitement we felt the first day we moved in.  Quality is everlasting.

The best decision we made was the contact made with and selection of Brian Lee to design and build our home.

Don Brumley


Chaucer Home

Peter & Meredith - Testimonial

We recently enjoyed the excitement and pleasure of moving into the new home build by Brian Lee Master Builder in Chaucer Crescent, Canterbury.  When considering whether or not to purchase, I must say that we were particularly impressed by the design (floorplan and ambience created), the final product (in terms of workmanship and attention to detail) and the quality fittings, fixtures and finishes.  Similarly, we very much appreciated the time that you made available to explain the detail of the building and “how it worked”.  You’ll recall that we required the installation of a gas fired fire and “chimney” as part of the Contract of Sale and were very pleased to see that you made those modifications to a standard consistent with the rest of the dwelling.  We have also been impressed by your willingness to engage with us post purchase if we had any questions or issues.

Brian, the house became a home the moment we moved in; you set a high standard!

Peter & Meredith